Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shelling Corn with a Minneapolis Moline Corn Sheller

Here is a video of my dad and brother shelling corn from our corn crib with a Minneapolis Moline Corn Sheller.  I am always amazed at how many moving parts power the corn shelling process!

Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Double Crop Soybeans

Double-crop soybeans refer to soybeans that are planted in the same growing season as another crop, usually wheat.   In part due to high commodity prices for soybeans this year, a farmer decided to take a chance and plant soybeans on July 10, 2011 after wheat was harvested and straw was baled.  

Here a farmer discbines a newly-harvested wheat field in order to both bale straw and then drill in soybeans.  The discbine cuts the remaining wheat stubble and places it in windrows to be baled into small straw bales.

Farmer disbining wheat stubble in order to bale the straw
Here is a close-up shot of both the disbined wheat stubble and a small section that was not discbined, for comparision:
Wheat stubble
Next, the wheat stubble is baled into straw bales:
Baling wheat straw
In this photo, almost all of the wheat stubble is baled and the field is almost ready for planting soybeans.
Baling wheat straw
Next, a no-till drill plants the soybeans:
Planting double-crop soybeans in a wheat field
Here is a closer view of the field after the drill planted the soybeans:
Soybeans planted after wheat harvest and straw baling

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cows Cool Off in Prairie Creek

Cows on pasture escaped the heat today in Prairie Creek.  This photo was taken in Manhattan Township, near the Wauponsee Glacial Trail.

Cows on pasture cool off in Prairie Creek

More on the history of Prairie Creek in Will County.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High Commodity Prices influence farmer's decision to plant more corn acres

On the eve of the USDA's March 31, 2011 Farm Acreage and Stock Report, one Will County farmer was increasing his corn acreage by plowing up an alfalfa field.  The farmer said high corn prices influenced the decision to plow up the hay field early.   The alfalfa field could have produced a good crop of hay, but the farmer decided to take advantage of high corn prices by increasing his corn acreage.  Also influencing his decision was the fact that he already had enough hay fields to meet his hay customers' demand.

Commodities such as wheat, corn, and soybeans have increased steadily since the 2010 harvest.

An alfalfa field gets plowed under in order to make room for more corn acres in response to high prices for corn

High commodity prices influenced this Will County farmer to plow up an alfalfa field earlier than originally planned in order to increase corn acres on his farm

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shelling Ear Corn from a Corn Crib

Shelling corn from a corn crib

Minneapolis Moline Corn Sheller Shells Ear Corn from a Corn Crib

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Farmall Super C Tractor at Madison, Wisconsin Capitol for Protest of Walker's Budget Repair bill

Check out this photo of a Farmall Super C at the Madison, Wisconsin Tractorcade around the capitol square:

This tractor parade was organized by the Wisconsin Farmers Union to protest the Budget Repair Bill recently signed into law by Gov. Walker.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Will County Farmsteads from a Country Mile

Will County Farmsteads:

Farmstead in Eastern Will County

Farmstead in Manhattan Township
Windmill, Crib
Farmstead, Eastern Will County

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will County Corn Harvest 2010

Will County farmers enjoyed warm and dry weather--along with soaring commodity prices-- while completing their 2010 harvest.  In fact, it was so warm that corn kernels that fell out of wagons and combines germinated and grew, as seen in the pictures below:

Corn harvest, 2010, warm weather induced dropped corn kernels to germniate

An odd sight: volunteer corn in a newly-harvested field.  Will County, October 2010

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grand Champion Steer at the Will County Fair

The Will County Fair Beef Show is held every Saturday of the Will County Fair in Peotone, Illinois. Cattle breeders and livestock farmers from around the area bring their stock to compete for a chance to win a Grand Champion ribbon.

Here is the Grand Champion Steer Drive from the 2010 Will County Fair:

Vintage Farmall H Raking Hay

Here is some video of a vintage Farmall H raking hay in Will County, Illinois.

2010 was a challenging year for hay farmers in Will County. It rained through much of the month of June, thwarting efforts to get the hay crop in. The hay in this video is rather dusty from having been rained on a few times.

The Farmall H tractor in this picture has been in our family for decades. My grandpa bought it from the local hardware store in Manhattan, Illinois. Hard to think to a time when you could buy tractors from the downtown of your local, small town.

Here is the video of the H in action:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Queen Anne Farmhouses

Have you ever noticed these twin Queen Anne Farmhouses in Will County?  They are located between Peotone and Wilton Center, Illinois.

Queen Anne Farmhouses

I always enjoy driving by these two beautiful, working farmsteads.   

Here is some interesting information about the Queen Anne Style of homes.

Peotone FFA to hold consignment auction January 22, 2011

The Peotone FFA club will hold a farm machinery auction Saturday January 22, 2011 beginning at 10 am at the Peotone Fair Grounds.

Combine to be sold: Case-IH 2366, Case-IH 1063 Cornhead, Case-IH 1020 grain head

Tractors to be sold include: Case-IH MX275 Magnum, Case-IH 8940, Case-IH 7250

Other farm equipment to be sold: Case-IH 955 Planter, 12-23 rows, 3 boxes; Flicklin CA 14000 Grain cart,  Sunflower 6332 soil finisher, and much more.

For a complete auction listing with photos of the farm equipment, visit Larry Lorenz's Site.

Winter Thaw Floods out Winter Wheat in Will County

A mid-winter thaw and heavy rain resulted in flooding in Will County.  Some fields of winter wheat flooded then froze over when temperatures dropped again.

January 1, 2011, a winter thaw and heavy rain resulted in Prairie Creek in Manhattan, Illinois overflowing 

 Winter Wheat covered with frozen water
Winter Wheat 

Field of winter wheat in Will County, Illinois.  A thaw resulted in flooding, which then re-froze.

Welcome to Will County Farming!

Welcome to Will County Farming!

This website will feature photos, videos, and stories about farming in Will County, Illinois.

To start things off, check out this video of a Will County farmer kickin' it old school with a New Idea Corn Picker!